July 19, 2002
Update from the Excite Chat Team

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Dear Excite Chatter:

We want to thank those of you who attended our first Community Chat. We also appreciate the valuable feedback many of you have provided regarding our Super Chat software and community. As mentioned at the Community Chat, we plan to keep you updated on improvements and new features coming to Super Chat by making regular announcements here.

So what's new?
  • New Chat Rooms! - You requested them, we built them:
    • Michigan
    • Ohio
    • Tennessee
    • Kentucky
    • Home & Garden
    • Alternative Lifestyles (Adult)

  • Improved Super Chat Performance - We've made changes to the way the Super Chat Web pages are delivered and saved to your computer. Super Chat should be noticeably faster for folks with dial-up connections and faster on start-up for all users.

  • And Coming Soon... Many of you have asked about the Excite Hosting Program. We'll be back in full swing later this summer training new Hosts. Interested? Check the Chat Overview page for updates!

Please know that we are as passionate about the Excite Community as you are - we want nothing more than to help create the coolest community on the Web. With your help, we know we can do it.

Thanks again for your support. We look forward to your participation in the Excite community for years to come.

-The Excite Chat & Community Team